Add Kindle Categories

Sometimes you want your Kindle book to appear in specific categories that don’t appear in your own pick method. If this is the case, just send an email to KDP support (at specifically telling them where to put your book. For example:

Hello awesome Kindle person!

Could you please add my book “15 secrets successful people know about time management” (ASIN: B016FPTIZ6) into the following 2 categories? Thank you in advance.

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If You Only Have Two Hours A Day To Write…

Lori just emailed me to ask, “If you had only an hour or two hours maximum a day to work on your books, marketing, etc., what would be your focus?

My answer…

If I only had two hours a day to work on my book, I’d spend it like this:

  • 1 hour on writing/editing
  • 30 minutes taking that same content and posting it as a blog post on Medium, LinkedIn, my own website, as a Facebook post
  • 5 minutes writing tweets on Twitter, with appropriate hashtags, with links BACK to the article on my own website (which has to have an email opt-in pop-up)

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Checklist For Recording Session With Audacity For Audio (Audible/ACX) Book

You should definitely turn your books into audio books. Not hard to do, and good extra income potential. And if you’re crazy enough to want to “Record And Create Your Own Audio Book For ACX Audible” you can click that link and get my LONG explanation. For a quick reminder to myself, I created this short checklist below:

Configuring Audacity for ACX Audio Book Recording

  1. Left side drop down menu, set to “MME”
  2. Edit, Preferences, Interface, Meter/waveform, -96 db
  3. Menu is for recording device, make sure your correct microphone (probably “Microphone (USB Audio Device)”) is selected. (turn off all other microphones!)

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Sample Invitation To Join Book Launch Team

My friend Brad is getting ready to publish his next book and he asked me what he should say when he invites people onto his book “launch team”. Below is the exact copy I used in my most recent book launch, along with some other examples I’ve swiped from other well known authors.

Email Invitation From Kevin Kruse For Non-Fiction Book

Subject: Re: [FirstName], quick heads up….

[FirstName], I’m only a few weeks away from launching my next book, …

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Amazon Book Description Generator

Amazon Book Description Generator

Ever wonder how some authors get their Amazon book descriptions to look so good, with bold and big text? Well, Amazon has a funky version of html they use which can be tough to figure out. Now you don’t have to.

Dave Chesson built an incredible WYSIWIG tool you can use to make a beautiful description and …

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Quora: How Indie Authors Can Increase Views, Leads, Sales and Self-Confidence

The following is a guest post from bestselling author Michal Stawicki.


I’m no big institute or Tim Ferris, I don’t have a load of resources or time to play with. My business is in the constant motion. So, this analysis is far from the scientific level of accuracy. A lot of other things happened before and during my first 36 days on Quora, thus estimating what had the actual impact on my book sales is all but impossible. Plus of …

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Income Report December 2015 and Full Year

Kindle Author Income Report

This is likely my last indie author income report, so it’s a bit more personal, emotional and rambling than usual.

Just over one year ago, I quit my six-figure executive job
to become a fulltime “author-preneur” and asked publicly,
“How long will it take me to make $100,000 as a full-time writer?”

Each …

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How To Get A Bad Review on Amazon Downvoted

I’ve got 60+ great reviews on a book but one bad review that sticks high on the “most helpful list”. That really irks me. Can you relate?

I have 66 reviews averaging 4.5 stars(!) on my book, Employee Engagement 2.0, but some professor is comparing my book–which is intended as a quick, accessible read for front-line managers–to a bigger more sophisticated book for higher executives. He says I don’t use research when I …

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How To Set Up Your International Amazon Author Central Pages

You probably already know that it’s important to have a complete, well-crafted author page on Amazon. If someone finds one of your books, they might want to know just a little bit more about the author, or even better, they might want to see all of your other books to buy those too.

You probably also know to go to to setup and edit your page.

But did you know you can go to Amazon’s other international sites and setup your page …

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Booklinker: One Smart URL For Every Amazon Store In The World

This is pretty cool. If you didn’t already know, when you publish on Createspace or Kindle you can make your book available in a lot of different countries, but Amazon has a separate website/webstore for each country (obviously, because of different languages and currencies and things).

So I use to have to give separate links to my book based on the different sites. When I would send an email announcing my book I would say something like…

Grab your copy here:

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Authorpreneur November Income Report = $21,878

nov income report

November by the numbers:

  • 1 speech
  • 3 studio video shoots
  • 4 online articles
  • 4 email blasts
  • 7 podcast interviews
  • Monthly revenue = $21,878
  • Annual revenue = $227,543

I know, I know you have a million questions about that last number. But first, the context…

How I Spent My Time

I was really eager to see how November would turn out because it was the first full …

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What’s The Right Price For A Kindle Non-Fiction Book?

Kindle Book Pricing

What price should you set for Kindle non-fiction book?

A perennial question with a lot of variables. How many pages is the book? How valuable is the information? What level of authority do you have? And on and on.

In general, I listened to consensus wisdom which is that you should launch your book at $0 (if you don’t have much of …

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Book Description Makeover: Dolphingirl

How can an author with a unique, niche topic convince new readers and even skeptics to give her book a try?

Here is a 15 minute “makeover” of back cover copy for Dove “DolphinGirl” Joans.

Want my thoughts on YOUR title, description or launch plan? Send an email to info at kevinkruse do com.

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How To Title Your Book: A Step-by-Step Guide to Keyword Research

Below is a guest post by Mike Fishbein. I consider a book’s title to be the #1 most important variable in its eventual success. And so many authors struggle and debate over the title of their book, trying to be creative and clever,  without realizing it needs to be discoverable. Mike has generously shared his step-by-step system for doing keyword research and giving your book a title that will increase its odds of becoming a bestseller.

Author Bio: Mike Fishbein has self-published over a dozen nonfiction books…

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October Income Report = $4,775 and YTD = $205,665

oct inc report 2

Finally! I launched the book it took me 10 long months to complete. (Totally unacceptable by the way.) But first, I know everyone really just wants to see the numbers.

Total income for October was $4,775, with year to date revenue of $205,665. The breakdown for the month:

  • Royalties from 4 books = $4,775
    • Kindle = $1,338
    • Createspace = $3,437
  • Speaking income = $0

You can see from …

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Thoughts On Illegal Online Distribution Of Your Book

Deborah sent me an email asking:

“I just read an article where you send people a pdf of the book to get a review.  Are you concerned that this might be put online as a free book?  I have written several books and if you look for the name of the books, you will find people who claim to have a copy.”

My thoughts on this:

If you’re talking about someone selling a copycat book on Amazon (it’s rare but has been known …

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Chapter Upgrades: Can You Get Half Your Readers To Join Your Newsletter?

How would you like to dramatically increase the size of your reader email list? Imagine if you could get almost 50% of your Kindle readers to sign-up for your email list.

Here is the single best technique I know of for growing your opt-in list:

At the end of each chapter,
offer your reader a downloadable bonus–a “Chapter Upgrade”–that
will help them to apply the content in that specific chapter.

Let me explain further. First, a short jaunt through Internet Marketing history…

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What I Did This Week To Build My Author Platform

july titleSo what did you do to build your author platform—your subscriber list—this week?

Here’s what I did:

  • I wrote an email blast and sent it to my list.
  • I wrote an article (repurposed content from one of my books) and posted it on my blog and other places.
  • I wrote one original guest post for another blogger.
  • I answered email from readers each day.
  • I tried to be …

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The Difference Between $0.99 and $2.99 Pricing

temp one day bust

Total income to me, the author, is actually higher because royalty rate can be higher above .99. But the chart above shows the price sensitivity of Kindle readers. If you are trying to increase your brand awareness and/or scoop up email addresses, price it at .99. If you want to maximize earnings, price higher.


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