February Income Report = $10,021

Authorpreneur Monthly Income Report

Total revenue for February 2015 was $10,021, with $2,521 coming from book sales and $7,500 coming from one speech.

When it comes to book royalties, remember I have three non-fiction books and one short novel that literally sells zero. The digital versus print split:

  • 77% was from print-based books on Createspace
  • 23% was from ebooks on KDP

Year to date income on my march to my first $100,000 is $29,738.

Well, after the second month of being a full-time indie-author/entrepreneur I can’t complain about the income, but still haven’t found my writing groove. Travel, administrative items, and getting ready to shoot some learning videos have kept my butt out of the writing chair.

I do have over 20,000 words on my next non-fiction book, but my pursuit of perfection and real-time editing I know is slowing me down. There are plenty of kindle-authors out there that produce a 20,000 word book in a single week. While I want to be proud of my books, I know I need to ramp up my speed over time.

Aha of the month: the big “eureka” of the month was using KingSumo Giveaway plugin to run a contest that netted me 938 new email optins. The full blog post on this experience is here.

Remember, your mileage will vary! There are plenty of authors and speakers making more than I am, and plenty who are making less…this is about learning along the way.

As always, hit me with questions on Twitter @Kruse or email info at kevinkruse dot com.