Good Freelance Copy Editors

“Can anyone recommend a good freelance copy editor?” is a question that often comes up in the writing forums.

Before I give you my trusted list, here’s a high-five for even asking the question. People who think they can edit their own work are idiots. There will be typos, and you will get crucified by Amazon reviewers. And you make your fellow indie-authors look bad along the way which isn’t cool either.

Just to stress the importance of copyediting, for my most recent 50,000 word book I read it thoroughly myself and ran spellcheck in Word, and was pretty sure there were no typos. But I’m a professional, so just to be safe, I forked over about $150 or so to have it copy edited. The editor found at least a dozen mistakes. Not the kind where I as the author get all defensive and say she’s wrong and I’m right. The kind where a sentence is just flat out missing a word, or the apostrophe is wrong, or there is spelled their. Mistakes!

Then, as an experiment—not that I usually like tossing money around—just for kicks I hired another copy editor and didn’t tell her the document had already been proofed. You know what? That editor found three legit mistakes that the first editor missed, and I found two more mistakes after that!

Even professional editors could use editors. In fact, my traditionally published book, We, had about a dozen beta readers and three editors comb through it at Wiley, and on the very first day of the book’s release, several readers emailed me saying there was a typo in the very first chapter. Ouch.

So. Always hire a copy editor to proof your work. (And then know a couple gremlins still might get through.)

Here are my resources:

If you’re looking for a developmental editor for your non-fiction, I haven’t used them myself but the big boys (James Altucher, Tucker Max, Ryan Holiday, etc.) all use the firm,

And of course, plenty of good people to be found on,,

Beast of love luck!