Booklinker: One Smart URL For Every Amazon Store In The World

This is pretty cool. If you didn’t already know, when you publish on Createspace or Kindle you can make your book available in a lot of different countries, but Amazon has a separate website/webstore for each country (obviously, because of different languages and currencies and things).

So I use to have to give separate links to my book based on the different sites. When I would send an email announcing my book I would say something like…

Grab your copy here:
USA ==>

And here are the links for a few different countries:
U.K. ==>
Canada ==>
Australia ==>
India ==>
Germany ==>

But now, you can just go to and type your primary book url into the field and it will generate a “universal” url, or a smart url, that will jump the user to the right country. (Must be some magic elves working in the background or something.)

Look, I got:

to replace those SIX long ugly links above.

Now the service is free but you DO have to register an account.