Checklist For Recording Session With Audacity For Audio (Audible/ACX) Book

You should definitely turn your books into audio books. Not hard to do, and good extra income potential. And if you’re crazy enough to want to “Record And Create Your Own Audio Book For ACX Audible” you can click that link and get my LONG explanation. For a quick reminder to myself, I created this short checklist below:

Configuring Audacity for ACX Audio Book Recording

  1. Left side drop down menu, set to “MME”
  2. Edit, Preferences, Interface, Meter/waveform, -96 db
  3. Menu is for recording device, make sure your correct microphone (probably “Microphone (USB Audio Device)”) is selected. (turn off all other microphones!)
  4. Menu is the Recording Channel, set to “(Mono) Recording Channel”
  5. At bottom of screen is the “Project Rate (Hz)” set to 44100.
  6. Check “Noise floor” by recording silence and seeing if the levels are -55db or less

General Checklist Before Each Session

  • Over-hydrate long before a recording session; sip water throughout.
  • Sit on a stool so no creaking chair, OR stand up.
  • Shut off air conditioning, heater.
  • Shut off phones.
  • Close out all other apps.
  • Use Blistex Moisture Melt to reduce lip smacks
  • Drink Throat Coat organic tea
  • Export book to iBooks, put on iPad on a music stand so can swipe to next page
  • Setup a new Audacity project file for every chapter
  • Run 20 seconds of “room tone” at the beginning of every chapter
  • Start each chapter by reading “Chapter One” or whatever the chapter title is.
  • Punch and roll while recording
    • “Editing on the fly”
    • When you make a mistake or there is background noise, hit space bar to stop the recording
    • Move cursor back before a recent sentence or paragraph and highlight the recorded section including the mistake, hit delete to remove this section from the audio file
    • Click the mouse cursor at the end of the wave graph, and start recording again
  • When done with the chapter, “Export Audio…” to WAV file with filename format TITLE – CHAPTER, for example, “15 Secrets Time – Chapter 1”
  • Send WAV file to producer and they’ll master and return MP3

How To Record The Audible Special Non-Chapter Files

Opening Credits File
– Narrate: “TITLE, written by FIRST LAST, Narrated by FIRST LAST”
– File Name: “TITLE – Opening Credits”

Closing Credits File
– Narrate: “This has been, TITLE, written by FIRST LAST, Narrated by FIRST LAST. Copyright YEAR by PUBLISHER, Production Copyright YEAR by AUTHORFIRST AUTHORLAST.”
– File Name: “TITLE – Closing Credits”

Retail Sample File

  • Between 1 and 5 minutes
  • Choose an excerpt, your best hook…immediately help reader to solve a problem
  • Doesn’t have to be the beginning of the book
  • File Name: “TITLE – Retail Sample File”