Do Createspace Author Purchases Count In Amazon Sales Rankings?

I often buy copies of my own books through Createspace, using my author discount. Typically it’s whenever someone wants to place a bulk order of 100 or more books. But sometimes I want to get someone a review copy and don’t want to package a book up myself and go to the post office to ship it out.

I always wondered, “Do these author-sales from the backend of Createspace count in Amazon’s rankings?”

They should, shouldn’t they? I mean Createspace is part of Amazon, and a sale is a sale afterall.

Alas, the answer is No.

I reached out to Createspace support and they promptly informed me:

Unfortunately Amazon Sales Rank is an Amazon marketing tool. It does not calculate any CreateSpace or Expanded Distribution Sales. Therefore, CreateSpace sales or purchases on the CreateSpace eStore do not increase your sales rank.

Sales ranks are only based on sales and is updated each hour to reflect recent and historical sales of every item sold on the site. As your book’s popularity grows, so will its reviews and ratings which, when favorable, will add to the marketability of your book on

Oh well. You can save a little money buy purchasing with your author discount, or you can buy copies that improve your Amazon rankings, but not both.