How To Format Your Createspace Paperback Book Description

How do you get a high-impact beautiful looking book description for your Createspace book on Amazon? If you just type in your description on the Createspace page it looks ugly, like this:

temp unformatted desc

I’ve written previously about how to make your Kindle book description look nice and have higher impact with the use of HTML tags for bold, italics, bullets, etc. But unfortunately you can’t use these tags in Createspace book description field. (Yes, you’d think sense they’re both owned by Amazon, one could just pull the data from the other, but it doesn’t work that way. Each platform is separate from the other.)

The trick is that you have to do this inside of your Author Central account, NOT your Createspace book page. Makes no sense, but that’s the way it works.

1. So go to and sign in (or “Join Now” if you haven’t previously joined).

2. Click the “Books” tab at the top.

3. Select the book you want to work on (or “Add more books” if you haven’t yet added it)

4. Then on the first “Editorial Reviews” tab click the Product Description “Edit” button

5. The “Edit review” window will pop up and you can format your book review the way you want. If you want to sling raw simple HTML code then you can click the tab that reveals that, too.

temp unformatted desc 2

6. Then click “Preview” to make sure it really looks the way you want it to.

temp unformatted desc 3

7. And remember to click “Save changes”