How To Link Your Kindle Book And Print Book Together On Amazon


So you have a Kindle version of your book and also a print-based version on Amazon, but they are showing up as two separate books in search results?

In most cases, Amazon will link both versions of your book into the same listing after a few days of being uploaded. But sometimes they don’t, or sometimes you’ll upload a new version of the book to fix an error, and it will delink the two versions even though they were once linked.

Here’s what I did to fix delinked results for my book The CobraSquad Hideout.

I simply sent an email to, with subject, “link kindle with createspace”, and in the body of the message I indicated both the ASIN number of the Kindle book and the ISBN number of the Createspace paper book. Here’s the actual email below:


In less than 24 hours they responded with the email below and the two versions were linked. Voila!


Note that I reached out to the Kindle support team, not the Createspace support team. I’ve found the Kindle tech support to be way more responsive than their family in the print group.

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