Authorpreneur November Income Report = $21,878

nov income report

November by the numbers:

  • 1 speech
  • 3 studio video shoots
  • 4 online articles
  • 4 email blasts
  • 7 podcast interviews
  • Monthly revenue = $21,878
  • Annual revenue = $227,543

I know, I know you have a million questions about that last number. But first, the context…

How I Spent My Time

I was really eager to see how November would turn out because it was the first full month of sales for my new book. I had several underperforming books out there, but this was the book it took me a full 10 months to research, write and publish.

(What’s that? You want to grab a copy to support this helpful blog. Aw, shucks, you don’t have to do that. But if you insist: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management)

Now that the book is out, I’ve been focusing on ways to keep the attention high. I always try to write one article a week, and then share that article with people on my main newsletter list. However, I’ve added podcast interviews to my bag of tricks and while I can’t track the sales from the shows, I think they’re working great and plan to do as many podcast interviews in 2016 as I can lineup.

The time in the video studio was recording training modules for an online course to accompany the book. LEVERAGE your content my friends! Some number of people who like your free blog posts will want to spend $5 to buy your book, and some percentage of them will give you $97 to $997 for your course, and some number of them will want to join your mastermind group, etc. I think my course turned out great, but not exactly sure how I’ll market it in 2016.

The Speech

I did one speech in November. Technically, it was a “workshop” for a large tractor dealership. It was a two and a half hour session for about 20 people. And they paid $13,200. Yep. Thirteen large. But hey, you don’t understand, it wasn’t just for 2.5 hours of work. I had to fly 14 hours across the continent, stay overnight in a hotel, do the 2.5 hours, and then do 14 hours via red-eye and a plane transfer to get home again. OK, you’re right, who am I kidding. That’s a really sweet deal.

So, how did I get the speaking gig?

Remember, I do no outbound sales or cold calling or anything like that. Usually, it’s a reader of my books who then reaches out to invite me to speak. BUT, in this case, they Google’d “Employee Engagement Speakers” and I came up as the number one link.

How did I come up as the number one link on Google?

I paid about $3 for an ad. It looks like this.

google ad

And that $3 turned into $13,200

workshop check stub

Monthly Royalties = $8,678

Do some books perform way better than other books?

  • Yes. I only have four books that make any money at all, and most of November’s royalties came from 15 Secrets. See the 80/20 rule in action below in my Createspace report, but it’s more like the 64/36 rule.

Nov CS report

So what percent of $8,678 monthly royalties came from print (Createspace) versus digital (Kindle)?

  • PRINT = $4,552 (53%)
  • DIGITAL = $4,126 (47%)

How much money came from all other platforms using Draft2Digital (i.e., iBooks, Nook, Kobo, etc.)?

  • Draft2Digital $90.11  (About 1% of total royalties…man that stinks; the ‘Zon is laughing at the other platforms)

What’s Next?

One more month in the year and that will conclude my grand I-quit-my-job-to-be-an-authorpreneur adventure. Not sure if I should just quit this blog or keep it going. I’m thinking about starting a podcast based on the new book as another way to keep dripping traffic to it. If I do that, maybe I’ll blog about how to turn your book into a podcast.

Hey, send me an email at info @ kevinkruse dot com if you want me to live blog as I turn my book into a podcast. Or just email me to say hello and let me know what you’re working on. I love making new friends.

Happy Holidays!


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