January Income Report: YTD = $19,717

Authorpreneur Monthly Income Report

I wish my income from January wasn’t as high as it is, because the casual reader will either think this is too good to be true, or that this is how every month is going to look for an “authorpreneur”.

The reality is that I got lucky and got a big, atypical speaking gig that makes up most of the income.

Total revenue for the month is $19,717. The breakdown:

  • Monthly income from three non-fiction books = $1,892 (60% from paperback, 40% ebooks)
  • Monthly income from one fiction book = $0
  • Monthly income from one speaking engagement = $17,825

I spent most of my time in January getting distracted and not writing.

I didn’t do any proactive book marketing…they’re just sitting there on Amazon.

My plan for February is to finish my second Battle Masters short-novel and make major headway on my next two business books. One is on time management and the other is a leadership fable.

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