July Income Report = $55,392

july title

Bleh, I’m getting sick of myself.  Would you just hit publish already?

Let me get the $Benjamins$ out of the way because I know everyone is curious about it.

July revenue = $53,300 from three speaking gigs, and $2,092 in book royalties (both Createspace and Kindle) for a grand total of $55,392. Two speaking gigs were for a public utility, and one was for an architectural design firm.

Again, the money comes from the speeches, but the gigs come from the books. My phone just rings from people who buy books, I don’t do any outbound sales or marketing.

The year-to-date through July total is $169,646.

The two checks below are from the speaking. They don’t total to the monthly revenue because the big check included a $12,500 fee for a keynote done earlier in the year, and I reported on that income already.



As I keep saying each month, my next book launches in October and hopefully I’ll have a lot more royalty revenue and book action to report then.

The Launch of All Book Launches!

OK, maybe not that dramatic, but the hugest launch I’ve ever done. So many new things, I’ll do separate blog posts on each item, but for now…

I’m making an audio book for the first time. Equipment, software, someone to guide me, etc.

I’m going to release on other platforms (not just Kindle) for the first time. Learning Draft2Digital.

I’m printing my paperback copies with IngramSpark (LightningSource small imprint) and not Createspace, because of their far cheaper printing and shipping costs.

I’m recruiting 200 street team members for the first time (had about 100 last time).

I’m going to try Facebook ads for the first time.

I’m going to do a podcast for the first time, literally recording 52 episodes before the end of the year, so they’re on autopilot in 2016.

I’m planning a daily Periscope for launch month, for the first time.

And the biggest thing of all, I’m going to pre-launch with a “Free Plus Shipping and Handling” offer. Which basically means, I’ll send a paperback copy of the book to anyone who gives me $7. They’ll also get video training, with a course upsell at the end.

And at some point I’ll sleep after the launch.

Got questions? Got answers? Drop me an email at info at kevinkruse dot com. (I rarely read Facebook PMs so email is preferred) and let me know what you’re working on, thinking about, or procrastinating!