My Book Got Me A Paid Speaking Gig!

Paid Speaking Gig

I’m heading to Dallas!

A company hired me to speak on the topic of leadership at their annual executive retreat—and they found me through my book.

I almost wish it hadn’t happened because it’s going to make this Authorpreneur gig look too easy. I think I had three paid gigs in all of 2014.

This company called directly and asked about my speaking fee. I did no outbound sales or cold calling, and it didn’t come through a speaker’s bureau.

It turns out they had assigned my book, Employee Engagement 2.0, as part of their internal book club, and remembered me when it came time to book a speaker for their leadership meeting.

The key thing here if you’re a beginner is to realize that book royalties are nice, but the book itself can lead to bigger income opportunities.

The real important point is that this wouldn’t have happened if I had traditionally published my book (in fact, it never happened with my traditionally published book from 2011). This is because traditionally published books are usually big and thick to justify a high price, which is needed to make the highly inefficient book store chain work for everybody.

But people don’t have the time to read big books. Companies don’t have the money to buy expensive books.

So my indie-published book—about 50 pages of big type and lots of white space—priced at $7.95, is a no-brainer for corporate purchases and book clubs. (Note that this requires a paper version of your book, not just an ebook.)

They key to landing speeches I’ve learned is discoverability. Nobody can hire you to speak (or consult or whatever) if they don’t know you exist.

Books are natural marketing tools.

Books are awesome business cards.

And as an indie author, I can even occasionally make my books free ($0) just to get my name and work out there.

I don’t know if this company just found my book on Amazon and bought it full price, or if they discovered me during one of my “free” promotions, but either way, they got the book, loved the book, and wanted to meet the author.

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