Model Email To Announce A New Book To Your List

I never used to blast my subscribers with “buy my book” announcements. I was always afraid that a direct sale would turn them off and they’d unsubscribe in droves. I used to think every email had to offer something of value (link to an article or something) and then I could soft sell and say, “Oh, by the way, if you want my new book click here” kind of thing).

But I noticed indie-author-God Steve Scott always sent me a …

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The Perfect FIRST Email To Send Your New Opt-In Subscribers

So what do YOU send to your opt-in email list subscribers immediately after they sign up for your newsletter?

I recently signed up for Kelly Exeter’s newsletter. Kelly is an Aussie indie author who wrote Your Best Year Ever: 7 Simple Ways To Shift Your Thinking And Take Charge Of Your Life.

She’s also a really cool pay-it-forward kind of person and got me out of a PDF jam awhile back.

Recently I signed up for Kelly’s e-newsletter, and the day after,

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How To Format Your Kindle Book Description So It Looks Pretty

Have you ever noticed that when you go looking at books on, some Kindle book descriptions are just plain text all run together and yet other book descriptions are formatted with bold fonts and bullet points?

For example here is a boring no-format book description from Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy:

temp frog

And then here is my book description from 15 Secrets …

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I Just Lost $719 On One Book Launch Tactic (ouch!)

So everyone is always sharing their success stories, myself included. But I’ve got an awesome FAILURE story to share with you. I got stung badly trying out a new marketing idea.

So, I’ve written before on the importance of building up your email opt-in list. Personally, my favorite ways to grow my email list are:

  1. Help Everyone (Guest Posts & Social Media & answer emails)
  2. Boosters (Checklists, Quizzes, Giveaways)
  3. Free Kindle Books with CTA Inside (Bait: Free book, course, etc.)
  4. Facebook Ads

(This list is from my …

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September Income Report = $15,378, Broke 200K YTD

temp free book

I spoke to a roomful of cemetery and mortuary owners. About leadership. Yes, everybody holds meetings and needs speakers.

This is going to be another shortie. September was BUSY with book prelaunch activities and most of my revenue continues to come from speaking engagements (reminder, all these are inbound opportunities resulting from people reading my books…I’m not trying to get speaking …

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Two Online Kindle Sales Tracking Tools

Indie authors have been known to wear out their mouse button from clicking refresh so many times on their Amazon book page eagerly watching their sales rank.

How’s my book doing? Click. Two minutes go by. How about now, sales rank any higher? Click…

But seriously, especially during times of running book promotion ads or guest blog posts or other tactics that should boost sales, it’s good to know what’s working and what’s not. I was especially eager with my latest book, …

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The Out Of Office Trick To Promote Your Book

How can you automatically notify dozens or even hundreds of people about your book(s) each and every day?

Simple. Turn on your “out of office” email autoresponder (sometimes called the “Vacation Responder”) and write a friendly message that just so happens to tell people about your book.

For example, to support the launch of my new book, 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, I let people know that it would take me longer than usual to respond to …

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6 Steps To A Perfect Book Description That Sells Tons Of Books

temp without

Pssst, hey you…Yeah, you non-fiction indie book author…come here…

Would you like to learn the dark art of psychological persuasion so you can turn book browsers into book buyers?

Would you like to create a book description that works like a magic love potion?

(If you’re publishing a print version of your book, the “book description” should be the same as your “back cover” copy.)

So …

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How I Got 97 Legit Reviews in The Last 24 Hours…

temp 15 secrets 97 reviews

…or in the last 4 years, depending on your perspective.

Friends, I got 99 problems but getting book reviews ain’t one. (And yes, this entire post is one big humblebrag, but hopefully a helpful one.)

24 hours ago I launched my new book, at $0.99. It’s got a crazy-long title, are you ready for it?

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management: The Productivity Habits of 7 Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 29 Straight-A Students, and 239 Entrepreneurs

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Writing The Perfect Tweet To Sell Tons Of Books

temp tweet 4

So, you want to use Twitter to promote your new book or Kindle freebie or $0.99 promotion? While I don’t think Twitter is very effective at selling books, in general, I do think it’s a great platform for promoting Kindle deals. And besides, tweets are free, so why the heck not?

For my new book, 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, …

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August Income Report = $15,866

Super short income report this month. Things are hot and busy with the new book launch.

Total income for August was $15,866 (annual total is $185,512). Month details:

  • 1 Speaking Gig = $12,195
  • Book Royalties = $3,671
  • TOTAL FOR MONTH = $15,866

Breakdown of book royalties was $2,282 from digital books, and $1,389 from print books.

Managed to get a weeklong cruise to Bermuda in with the family, and put a LOT of time into the pre-launch activities for new book.

If you haven’t already read it, …

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How To Record And Create Your Own Audio Book For ACX Audible

So you want to create an audio book and you want to narrate it yourself, huh?

Well friend, I have three goals with this article.

First, I want to talk you out of the very foolish notion of narrating your own book.

Second, if you’re a fool and want to narrate anyway, I want to convince you to go hire some time in a professional recording studio, with an audio engineer so all you have to worry about is reading out loud.

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How To Get Amazon Book Reviews With Book Razor

I believe the number of book reviews is the 3rd most important variable for book sales, after book title and cover quality. And it’s hard to get legit book reviews. I’ve blogged before about the important of building up your email opt in list and street team for reviews, but there are other ways too.

For my newest book I tried out Martin Meadows’ service. Basically, this is a service where they’ll research the names and email …

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Good Freelance Copy Editors

“Can anyone recommend a good freelance copy editor?” is a question that often comes up in the writing forums.

Before I give you my trusted list, here’s a high-five for even asking the question. People who think they can edit their own work are idiots. There will be typos, and you will get crucified by Amazon reviewers. And you make your fellow indie-authors look bad along the way which isn’t cool either.

Just to stress the importance of copyediting, for my most …

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July Income Report = $55,392

july title

Bleh, I’m getting sick of myself.  Would you just hit publish already?

Let me get the $Benjamins$ out of the way because I know everyone is curious about it.

July revenue = $53,300 from three speaking gigs, and $2,092 in book royalties (both Createspace and Kindle) for a grand total of $55,392. Two speaking gigs were for a public utility, and one was for an …

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6 Month Income Report = $114,254 (June = $15,022)

6month header

Well, friends, it happened. It took 6 months to make 6 figures, and you watched it unfold month by month.

To be precise, I earned $15,022 in June, which brings my 2015 six month total to $114,254.

I quit my job on January 1 to become a full-time “author-preneur”.
I’m sharing my results each month to keep me accountable
and so you can learn …

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How I Turned My eBook Into An Online Course And Made $4,334 Last Week

title card online course

As you know, I quit my job on January 1 of this year to become a full-time “author-preneur”. Yes, I would write and sell books. But I would also figure out how drive additional revenue through paid speaking gigs, online courses, affiliates…whatever would work!

While the paid keynotes speeches have been going great, I’m eager to figure out how to convert …

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Facebook Ad Basics For Authors

Facebook Ad basics for authors

I’m not as advanced as some, I don’t get into retargeting and I don’t spend huge amounts, but I have been playing around with FB ads and after experimenting a bit, I am having some nice results. Here’s what I do that anyone can do….

First, I go to the left side bar and click on Ads Manager. Then I …

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