May Income = $43,705

May income report

Houston, we have a problem. (You know, I actually had the chance to meet with astronaut Jim Lovell once. When I walked him out of our hotel to a sedan heading back to the airport, I said, “Safe travels!” Immediately I felt stupid saying that to a guy who got himself back to Earth on a damaged Apollo 13.)

I …

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Do Createspace Author Purchases Count In Amazon Sales Rankings?

I often buy copies of my own books through Createspace, using my author discount. Typically it’s whenever someone wants to place a bulk order of 100 or more books. But sometimes I want to get someone a review copy and don’t want to package a book up myself and go to the post office to ship it out.

I always wondered, “Do these author-sales from the backend of Createspace count in Amazon’s rankings?”

They should, shouldn’t they? I mean Createspace is part …

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How To Link Your Kindle Book And Print Book Together On Amazon


So you have a Kindle version of your book and also a print-based version on Amazon, but they are showing up as two separate books in search results?

In most cases, Amazon will link both versions of your book into the same listing after a few days of being uploaded. But sometimes they don’t, or sometimes you’ll upload a new version of the book …

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April Income Report = $14,964

April Income ReportIn April my income was $14,964 from books and speaking, and I was able to vacation in Napa, attend a Brendon Burchard conference in Santa Clara, worked in a homeless shelter for a day, saw almost all of my kids’ concerts and games, and of course had no commute and usually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Don’t you just hate …

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March Income Report = $10,824.90


Don’t you just hate it when your book is almost written and then Mark Cuban sends you an email that wrecks your whole plan? Um, yeah, that actually happened last month. But before I tell that story…

I quit my job on January 1 to become a full-time “author-preneur”. I’m sharing out my results each month to keep me accountable and to share my …

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Why I Use Mailchimp For My Email Marketing Software


A question that pops up weekly on the online author and speaker forums is some version of, “Which email marketing software should I use?” Or more specifically, “Should I use Mailchimp or Aweber? Should I use Constant Contact or Mailchimp?”

I finally grabbed my camera and recorded my answer to this in my living. Watch the video above and hit me with questions at info at

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Write Faster: How To Write 4,000 Words Per Hour

Would you like to learn how to write faster? A lot faster?

I just finished a great short book by Monica Leonelle, Write Better Faster: How To Triple Your Writing Speed and Write More Every Day.

And, yes, I do see the irony that I read way more how-to-write-fiction than I write! It reminds me of this saying, “The more content you consume, the less you create.”

But I digress…

Leonelle went from being …

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February Income Report = $10,021

Authorpreneur Monthly Income Report

Total revenue for February 2015 was $10,021, with $2,521 coming from book sales and $7,500 coming from one speech.

When it comes to book royalties, remember I have three non-fiction books and one short novel that literally sells zero. The digital versus print split:

  • 77% was from print-based books on Createspace
  • 23% was from ebooks on KDP

Year to date income on my march to …

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How I Got 938 New Email Opt-ins With A Giveaway

Giveaway Banner

I recently ran a two-week long giveaway that increased my list by 6.9%, or 938 new opt-ins. Here’s how I did it…

The number one thing a writer/speaker/consultant needs to do is to be constantly building her email list. Publishers want to know how big your “platform” is. Seth Godin calls it your “tribe”. And while these terms encompass all your fans—on social media …

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My Book Got Me A Paid Speaking Gig!

Paid Speaking Gig

I’m heading to Dallas!

A company hired me to speak on the topic of leadership at their annual executive retreat—and they found me through my book.

I almost wish it hadn’t happened because it’s going to make this Authorpreneur gig look too easy. I think I had three paid gigs in all of 2014.

This company called directly and asked about my speaking fee. I …

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