Sample Invitation To Join Book Launch Team

My friend Brad is getting ready to publish his next book and he asked me what he should say when he invites people onto his book “launch team”. Below is the exact copy I used in my most recent book launch, along with some other examples I’ve swiped from other well known authors.

Email Invitation From Kevin Kruse For Non-Fiction Book

Subject: Re: [FirstName], quick heads up….

[FirstName], I’m only a few weeks away from launching my next book, 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management: The Productivity Habits of 7 Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 29 Straight-A Students, and 239 Entrepreneurs.

I can’t lie…super excited for this one and the launch is going to be huge. (Or as Donald Trump says, UUUUGE.)

I need to pick about 100 special people to form my book “street team” (i.e., launch team) to help me get the word out. Interested?

My new book answers the question, “How can you achieve extreme productivity, without feeling so overworked and overwhelmed?”

I got really cool people to reveal their top habits for 10x productivity gains.

I got Mark Cuban and other billionaires to tell me their secrets. I got the founders of Facebook, Groupon, Airbnb to share their productivity advice. I got Olympic medal winners like Shannon Miller and Briana Scurry to reveal how they plan their days and weeks. I even got straight A students from Ivy league schools to talk about overcoming procrastination and social media distractions.

Pretty cool, huh?

My goal is to get 100 honest reviews on (Nothing matters more to a book’s success than Amazon reviews.)


1) A complimentary digital copy of my new book that you’ll get right away, a full month before anyone else can get it

2) A complimentary paperback copy shipped 2 weeks after the official launch date (USA and Canada only, sorry)

3) An exclusive “Ask Me Anything” webinar with me before the book launch, where you’ll be able to ask about productivity, entrepreneurship, professional speaking, writing a book or anything else

4) Membership into my private Mastermind Group on Facebook, where you get exclusive access to me and fellow VIPs (this is the group I interact with throughout the year; amazing networking and doing great favors for each other all year round)

5) Early access to 3 free training videos I’ve recorded on Extreme Productivity


1) Leave a short honest book review on during the book’s launch week (between October 12 – 16, 2015)

2) Do at least ONE thing on social media to help spread the word. You could send a tweet, mention it on Facebook, do a LinkedIn status update, upload a pic to Instagram, whatever.

Of course, if you WANT to do other things like buy copies of the book for friends, Like my FB posts, RT my tweets, send me brownies—I won’t object!

I’m putting a ton of time and energy into this launch to try to help as many people as possible so PLEASE take this seriously and don’t sign up if you aren’t sure you’ll have the time to leave a short Amazon review the week of Oct 12-16.

So does this sound awesome or what? I’m only choosing about 100 people, so if you’re interested click this link to sign up right away.

See you in the mastermind group!


Kevin Kruse
NY Times Bestselling Author

PS – Will you join a special posse to spread the word about extreme productivity? Remember, you get the digital book, the paperback book, entry into my mastermind group, a private webinar, and free early access to my personal training videos. 100 people only. Click here to sign up.

Email Invitation From Jurgen Appelo For Non-Fiction Book

Subject: Join Me on My Private Virtual Street Team in February!

Some people say that a book is a “best-seller” when it sells 5,000 copies or more within one year. Well, the #Workout book sold 4,000 copies in less than half a year, despite the fact that–or maybe because–the entire book is available for free. The free copy was downloaded almost 20,000 times.

By actual readers, the book has been described as:

#Workout by Jurgen Appelo is one of the most practical management books I’ve ever read. Highly recommended!
– Lee Winder, United Kingdom

A must-read not only for managers, but also for everyone in the organization.
– Lemi Orhan Ergin, Turkey

Reading Management 3.0 #Workout makes me feel like I have finally arrived in the 21st century!
– Ivo Peksens, Latvia

This book by Jurgen Appelo is both beautiful and valuable. I call it art!
– Stefan Wunder, Germany\

Nice, huh? 🙂 That’s why I’ve decided to step up the pace. We can do even better! I don’t care if people buy the book, read it for free, or give it away to others. As long as they do something to get better management with fewer managers.

Do you want to join me on my Virtual Street Team in February?

Team Member Benefits
As an exclusive member of my Virtual Street Team, you get:

  • Exclusive access to me via a private channel
  • Several exclusive on-line chats with me
  • A free Kindle or ePub copy of the #Workout book
  • Free signed copies of the book and my previous two books 

Team Member Requirements
From February 1 to 28, as member of my hand-picked virtual street team, you help me…

  • Spread the word about the #Workout book through your blog and social networks
  • Help comment on published articles about the book
  • Get influencers to tweet about/like/refer to the book
  • Get other bloggers to review the book or to comment on it
  • Get articles and interviews published on high-profile websites
  • Get more people to write (genuine) reviews on Amazon and GoodReads
  • Get the book featured in various on-line groups and forums
  • Do anything else you can think of that gets more people to read the book

If you become a member of my team, I’ll share some good resources with you and give you access to our private channel. More details will be discussed there, because I still have to write them all up! And maybe you have better ideas than I do about reaching out to unhappy people in bad organizations with a good book. But whatever we do, it will be an interesting learning experience! 🙂

p.s. Jump on it quickly! I’ll have to close the doors when the team room is full. I hope you’ll join me! Send me an email to [redacted] and we’ll start talking. 

Email Invitation to FB Group From Joseph Heller For Fiction Book

Hello, Heller’s Angels!

The long wait is almost over: GUILTY MINDS, the third Nick Heller novel, will be on sale in the United States on Tuesday, June 7, and in the United Kingdom about a week later.

I’ve already given the first advance copy of GUILTY MINDS away through the Heller’s Angels Facebook group, and plan to give away a few more copies between now and June. As we gear up for the GUILTY MINDS promotional campaign, I wanted to check in to ask: are you still on Nick’s team? I hope the answer is yes, because we’re planning some great things between now and the end of the GUILTY MINDS tour (which is still in the works).

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, please ask to join the Heller’s Angels Facebook group, if you haven’t already done so. It’s a closed group, so you’ll have to ask to join, but we’ll approve you as quickly as possible. If your Facebook name is different from the name you used to sign up for Heller’s Angels, please let me know that via email. If you’re not on Facebook, you’re still an Angel, but you’ll miss out on many of the things I’m planning.

I’m excited for you to read GUILTY MINDS, and I hope you’ll agree it’s worth the wait. Thanks, as always, for your support!

All the best,


Email Invitation From Neil Strauss For Non-Fiction Book

Subject: A Confession

A confession: I’ve been holding out on you. For the last few years, I’ve been deeply immersed in several underground communities and I didn’t share where I was, or everything I learned, with you.


For one thing, I couldn’t give it away yet to anyone, since it’s all part of the new book.

Two, it was all so wild and intense that . . . I didn’t know where to begin. So what have I been up to?

– Snuck into a free-love cult and got kicked out for the most ridiculous reason you’ve ever heard of.

– Went to an orgy run by a Hollywood celebrity, got slipped drugs, and passed out in the middle of a sex pile.

– Moved in with three girlfriends to form a quad relationship, and learned among other things that “who gets to sit in the front seat of the car” can actually be a serious issue in polyamorous relationships.

– Checked into sex addiction rehab and then escaped against medical advice.

– Opened up a relationship, and soon had an experience I don’t wish on anyone: sitting at home while the woman I loved went to a topless resort in Mexico with two other men.

– Started a commune based on principals of peace, freedom, and non-violent communication—and six days into it, someone in the house tried to kill me.

(So much for non-violent communication.)

-And met with some of the greatest geneticists, psychologists, neurologists, historians, sex gurus, and relationship healers of our time. Why did I put myself through all this?

Because I wanted to answer a question that’s not only been central in my mind and life since The Game, but that so many of you have been asking me:

What happens if you are in love with someone, but you desire someone else?

Is that wrong?

Does this mean that you don’t actually love your partner?

When is it okay to act on it, whether physically, emotionally, or in your imagination?

Or is this just a normal evolutionary human behavior that we shouldn’t be trying to repress?

And, most importantly, in relationships, is there a way to keep the romance, sex, love, and excitement hot over time instead of cooling down, bickering, and growing apart?

So I set off to build a better type of relationship than the ones in our culture now–which have a statistically high chance of leading to unhappiness, separation, or infidelity.

Here’s a surprising thing that happened, however:

I thought I was writing a book solely about relationships, but along the way it turned into a book about deep inner game.

Wait, you may be wondering: What do relationships have to do with deep inner game?

The answer: Everything!

It controls who you choose, why you choose them, whether you’re happy, whether the sex stays hot, whether you have conflict, whether you end up in a “parallel relationship” (alone together), whether you break up with them, whether they break up with you, how hurt you are about it, whether you avoid relationships altogether . . . and so much more.

In fact, take any single person, and you can actually predict who they’re going to fall in love with before they even know.

The process described in the book turned out to be the most transformative experience I’ve ever had.

In a way, The Game was a small shift that set me up for the really massive shift of The Truth-—and gave me the key to a bigger happiness I didn’t even know was possible.

So in coming weeks, we will be deep diving into these topics so you can get prepared and grounded in the principles.

In the meantime, I have something to ask you:

It’s actually been six-and-a-half years since I had a book of all new material out!

So I want to do everything I can for this book.

Hard to believe it’s been that long.

But as you already probably know about me, when I go underground, I go in all the way and don’t emerge until I’ve attained mastery and have real, actionable, and new solutions to share.

So I want to save other people the trouble and heartache that I experienced while being stripped down to the core.

And to spread a new, advanced model of social & emotional intelligence that’s light years beyond The Game.

Thus, the request is:

Do you want to be part of my personal Street Team to help get the word out about this book?


Do you have a friend in the media or elsewhere with a loyal and sizable following who’s willing to write something, record something, champion the book, or otherwise get the word out?

NOTE:  No matter where you live, you can be part of the Truth Street Team, as long as you have a phone or wifi.

If you are interested in either, let me know quickly here:

You may be thinking:

You’re Neil Strauss. Why do you need any help? The book’s going to do just great by itself.

And that may be the case. But the book is coming out in October, and there are some ridiculous mega-blockbuster books coming out for Fall and Christmas at the same time.

So there’s a lot of noise to cut through.

But more importantly, there are a lot of people who never read The Game, because they are in marriages or relationships (or are commitment-phobic or Game-phobic or choose partners badly), who could really use this.

So, with the same tenacity with which I researched the book, I am determined to get The Truth into the hands and minds of the people who need it. Are you with me?

I can’t hear you!

Step up here:

Excited to share more with you.

Best, Neil

P.S. It’s been years since I’ve asked something like this, so every response means a lot.

And your help shall not go unrewarded. Street Team members will receive special gifts & opportunities for each completed mission–from an exclusive look at the first chapters of The Truth to never-before-released seminar videos to a private, celebratory dinner with me: