September Income Report = $15,378, Broke 200K YTD

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I spoke to a roomful of cemetery and mortuary owners. About leadership. Yes, everybody holds meetings and needs speakers.

This is going to be another shortie. September was BUSY with book prelaunch activities and most of my revenue continues to come from speaking engagements (reminder, all these are inbound opportunities resulting from people reading my books…I’m not trying to get speaking gigs). I promise October will be meatier because I’ll finally have some more book royalties to report.

Total income for September was $15,378, with year-to-date revenue of $200,890. The breakdown for the month:

  • 2 speaking gigs = $13,750
  • Royalties from 3 books = $1,628

For “giving back”, I spent almost four hours doing a talk and then a meet-and-greet with over 100 students at Bucks County Community College. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and authors in the room. Was a lot of fun.

September was busy busy busy with pre-launch activities for the launch of my book, 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time.

I recruited over 200 people into the launch/street team. (Click here to learn how to do that.)

I launched a “free plus shipping and handling” campaign for my book. Basically, I’ll send a physical copy of my book to anyone in the world if they pay $7.99 shipping and handling. There’s a lot behind this so I’ll do a separate post on it, but you can see the landing page here.

This included learning new software (Clickfunnels), signing up a fulfillment warehouse (Shipzoom), getting my files to work with IngramSpark (God do I hate them) because they can print and ship bulk copies WAY cheaper than Createspace.

I also wrote and recorded FOUR educational training videos, which I used as a back end teaser to anyone who bought a copy of my book. The goal is to upsell into a bigger online course and group coaching program (more on that in the October update).

Phew. Got questions? Want to say hi? Hit me at info at

PS – If you think my blog will help you to sell just ONE more book of your own, would you “tip” me by grabbing the Kindle version of my Time and Productivity book–only .99 for another couple of weeks.

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