If You Only Have Two Hours A Day To Write…

Lori just emailed me to ask, “If you had only an hour or two hours maximum a day to work on your books, marketing, etc., what would be your focus?

My answer…

If I only had two hours a day to work on my book, I’d spend it like this:

  • 1 hour on writing/editing
  • 30 minutes taking that same content and posting it as a blog post on Medium, LinkedIn, my own website, as a Facebook post
  • 5 minutes writing tweets on Twitter, with appropriate hashtags, with links BACK to the article on my own website (which has to have an email opt-in pop-up)
  • 25 minutes answering emails from readers, or if I don’t get any emails, I’d interact purely with love and helpfulness in online forums related to my topic (can be FB groups, LinkedIn groups, Kindle Boards, whatever…just hang out with others interested in the topic and try to be helpful)

Good luck!