What I Did This Week To Build My Author Platform

july titleSo what did you do to build your author platform—your subscriber list—this week?

Here’s what I did:

  • I wrote an email blast and sent it to my list.
  • I wrote an article (repurposed content from one of my books) and posted it on my blog and other places.
  • I wrote one original guest post for another blogger.
  • I answered email from readers each day.
  • I tried to be helpful on Twitter and Facebook groups each day.
  • I wrote 5 book reviews for other indie authors; they didn’t ask me, I just did it.
  • I was interviewed by one podcaster.
  • Oh, and I wrote this blog post.

Was this a typical week? Well, I usually try to do one eblast, one article, one guest post and one Amazon review each week.

Isn’t all this a pain in the ass? Doesn’t all this take a lot of time away from writing books?

I’m ambivalent on this. It probably takes me about an hour a day, or maybe 90 minutes. Yes, that’s 1,000 words of content I’m not writing each day. But I do enjoy connecting with readers, other authors, and won’t enjoy writing books as much if nobody is reading them. When things are good in my life, I can do an hour of platform building and a couple hours of book writing.

The bottom line is just that there are no shortcuts. I just try to get a few new subscribers and friends each day.